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Support Local: Recently Opened, Bar Podmore Feature

When we have the time, we will put together a quick blog on some shout outs to our favorite local spots or businesses and today we wanted to do our #supportlocal shout out to Bar Podmore, @barpodmore in downtown Honolulu. I had the opportunity to check this place out thanks to my hubby the first week it opened! Chef Anthony Rush and Katherine Nomura who are known for Senia Restaurant, @restaurantsenia decided to create this beautifully designed craft cocktail bar that has delectable bites that pair

nicely with the drinks and atmosphere. We sat at the bar and met the Bar Manager who made some tasty craft cocktails for us! He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to drinks and their origins…he knows his stuff. We always like chatting it up with the bartenders if they have the time and all I can say is, they found a very inspirational bartender that created drinks that live up to the food chef is preparing. He was hand selected from the mainland, I believe Colorado where him and his wife packed up and moved here once the bar was opening.

I won’t give away the cool tricks and unique presentations of the specialty cocktails but I

will tell you those run you $30/drink! 😳 If your a craft cocktail enthusiast you will appreciate the quality this place has…think…Bar Leather Apron, @barleatherapron with awesome appetizers! What I like most is being able to give a bartender your alcohol of choice and a flavor pallet and they get creative and make you something that is unique and different but super yummy. These drinks are amazingly balanced, fresh and flavorful. Will probably run you around $15-$20/drink and worth it. They have the largest selection of liqueurs, bitters and cordials I have ever seen! 😲 A mixologist's candy shop! 🍭🍬🍡

Another couple tidbits before I sign off, the servers are also bartenders that can whip up these drinks as well. The bartenders often switch out or jump in to make a drink which I enjoy watching as you observe from a bar seat. One of our favorite bartenders is Dempsey, he is very personable, new to the islands but not to his craft. We almost tried everything on the menu in one nite but a few items were left for next time. We heard they plan to add more, perhaps more heavier food items and hopefully brunch by day. Our favorites were the Pork Bun, Ricotta Dumplings and Devils on Horseback. Last but not least, the interior design was on point, I would say elegant chic. From emerald to purple, velvet to polished stone, wood designed flooring to gold accents and beautiful archways to painted walls…the look and feel brought me back to the whimsical Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. FYI, reservations are probably booked out for months but they do accommodate walk-ins when maybe you will be lucky! Stay tuned to the next shout out next month!

Christina Laney Mitre

Christina Laney Mitre




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