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Common Mold Myths Busted!

Mold spores are apart of our environment! They are everywhere and play an important role in breaking down dead organic matter. Whether you like it or not, we are exposed to many species every day. Given moderate temperatures, a food source (nearly any building material) and moisture, mold can grow on almost any surface inside our homes. Left unchecked, mold can present a costly and unhealthy problem overtime. Here are some common mold myths BUSTED to bring you peace of mind and knowledge!

1. Mold is a TOXIN- This is false! Mold is an allergen not a toxin. Only a few species can release mycotoxins. In fact, our house hold cleaners such as bleach is more harsh and toxic than molds.

2. Black Mold is deadly and can make you sick- It certainly can make you sick but any molds can make you sick it just depends on the person’s sensitivities. Also, there are thousands of black mold species some that don’t release mycotoxins.

3. Bleach kills mold- WRONG! Bleach is a harsh chemical and it is also made up of water which in return can feed mold to grow especially on drywall or porous building material. It does not kill mold.

4. No Musty smell, no mold- Wrong again! Although, a musty smell is a tall-tale sign that mold growth is present but just because you can’t smell mold doesn’t mean it is not there. It just depends!

5. Kill the Mold and it will be gone forever!- False! While killing the mold is effective it will come back if the right conditions presents itself. Moisture control is Mold Control!

6. I want a MOLD FREE environment- Good Luck! There are ways we can definitely reduce the amount of common indoor/outdoor molds in our homes but to achieve a mold-free environment we would have to have the same set up as an operating room in a hospital! The only way to reduce exposure is to clean our homes, have good ventilation, keep it dry, and damp free and always check the building integrity and plumbing lines.

Lindsay Correa

Lindsay Correa

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