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Investor Units at ‘A’ali’i

Front of Building

For those interested in this project on the investor side, please contact me right away.  Here are a few words from the developer and sales team:

‘A'ali'i Investor (Unrestricted) launch will be starting soon, March 3rd!  

First, the investor launch is planned to be a CHRONOLOGICAL process as of now. The chronological order will be established through an online system.

Home selection will be by appointment only and appointment times to select a home will be available online on February 27 at 10:00am.

In order to prepare for this launch, please contact me, Christina Laney, at 808-282-1399 or  I can make sure you are kept up-to-date on the process so you can position yourselves to obtain the best units offered.  Pricing hasn’t been released yet, but just so you know, starting prices are around $500k for studios, $700k for one bedrooms, $1M+ for two bedrooms.  Also here is the breakdown for deposit payments per the developer:

1. 5% at the time of signing 2. an additional 5% within 30 days, 3. and an additional 10% within 120 days. (20% total within 120 days, and the remaining at closing).

Lastly, the reserved “affordable units” haven’t been released yet, those will follow suit and have an application, lottery,  restrictions and qualifications.  If needing more information on qualifying you can checkout my other blog to see if you qualify here (click here).  Again, please feel free to contact me should you have further questions.  If you can qualify for a reserved unit, you should definitely make every effort to apply.

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