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‘A’ali’i...More Than We Bargained For

‘A’ali’i has had some changes since we last chatted, also scroll down to the bottom of blog in bold to read latest updates on sales (1/13/18). As many know, Howard Hughes has 60 acres of land to build a neighborhood community with around 20 high-rise condos over time. They now have buildings completed and new construction on-going to keep up with the demand. Here is the list of towers they are currently selling in the order of price point and luxury:

  1. Gateway Tower-Cylinder (For Sale)

  2. Waiea (For Sale-Completed 2016)

  3. Anaha (For Sale-Completed 2017)

  4. ’A’ali’i (For Sale-Est. Completion 2021)

  5. Aeo (For Sale-Est. Completion 2018)

  6. Ke Kilohana (For Sale-Est. Completion 2019)

Should you be interested in any of the pricing above, please contact us, we have the up-to-date availability and pricing for the development sales listed above and can also get you the resale units upon request.

Originally, ‘A’ali’i was supposed to fall between Aeo and Ke Kilohana in price point and luxury level but dramatic changes have recently been made. With their new décor, higher quality finishes, Bosch appliances, built-in and multifunctional furniture, turnkey package and amenities galore, this building although small in interior square footage per unit, is now hovering above Aeo.

For all those hoping for "affordable" pricing due to small square footages, your hope now lies in the 150 Reserved Units that HCDA requires out of 'A'ali'i's 751 units. No official prices have been announced but around half a million dollars for an entry level studio unit ranging between 277sf-400sf seems to be surfacing.

Let's discuss the market units and their changes. Howard Hughes does their homework, knows the market, builds to demand and creates a product most desire to own. These market units will have features that have been trending across the world. Many people live and own in Hawaii to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and prefer a product that creates ease and comfort. Lastly if a place you live can save time in your day, it will gain the respect of those who value time. 'A'ali'i will be smart in many ways and saving time is one of them. The first huge game-changer and time saver is, the market units will be turnkey and ready to move-in. What does that mean? It means that upon closing, your unit will be fully stocked with furniture, built-in furniture, lamps, drapery, rugs, linen, pillows, towels, plates, cups, utensils and kitchenware. How cool will it be to move right in and not have to blow up that air mattress, buy all these items, pack and unpack them all? Lauren Rottet at Rottet Studio has been chosen as the interior designing team to deck out 'A'ali'i with all these great accessories.

Another time saver is the accessibility to all your local eateries, groceries, entertainment, outdoor activities, beach, shopping and also, in between Downtown, Ala Moana and Waikiki. Your community is literally steps outside your building lobby and driving is no longer a necessity to your necessities. Whole Foods will be next door, call in your shopping list and have it ready. Or Biki to Ala Moana Beach to catch the sunset with your toes in the sand avoiding the afternoon traffic.

This Smart Lifestyle comes with a cost and if you can afford the luxury whether it be your primary residence, a second home, a vacation spot or investment for your future, it will be a treasure and may it help simplify the life you currently have. We can't all own a unit in Kaka'ako but if there is a will, there is a way. For the local market, Ward Village has been a dream and seems unattainable even if you do have a decent job with some reserves. If by any chance you can qualify for the 150 reserved units in 'A'ali'i, the smart thing to do is simply apply. (To learn more about qualifying for these units click here). Currently there is very little information on the HCDA units and they will be one of the last sales phases to be released, later next year (2018). Please give me a call, I can go over the reserved housing, affordable housing, HCDA and HHFDC state programs offered to local residents.

Should you be interested in previewing the sales center, getting qualified and/or learning more, please contact us today and we can setup a private appointment: Call Christina (808) 282-1399 or Email (Click Here) .

The developer just announced today, 1/13/18: "Owner Occupant Sales for ‘A‘ali‘i Begin Sunday, January 14 at 9am We are pleased to announce the owner occupant sales for ‘A‘ali‘i will begin on Sunday, January 14 at 9am at the Ward Village IBM Courtyard, located at 1240 Ala Moana Boulevard in Honolulu. Sales will be processed in chronological order. If you are purchasing a home as your primary residence, you are invited to participate in tomorrow’s owner occupant launch. Please review our Sales Launch Process and Guidelines document for a step-by-step review: Sales begin at 9am on Sunday, January 14 on a first-come, first-served basis. You will receive a Selection Order Ticket in chronological order. If you are unable to attend, please ensure whomever is representing you has a notarized Power of Attorney; click here for form. The name on the Selection Order Ticket must match the name on government-issued ID. You will be able to get your Owner Occupant Affidavit notarized on-site on Sunday. The Owner Occupant Affidavit will be made available on the ‘A‘ali‘i website on Sunday, January 14 at 9am. You will be able to meet with one of our eight project lenders to begin the pre-qualification process on-site." Call me with questions, 808-282-1399!

These updates are all proposed and can change at any time at the developer’s discretion. Feel free to contact us with questions and we can continue to update you with all new changes and updates as they come.

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