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'A'ali'i vs The Block 803 Waimanu

Which building fits you best? Hard to tell when there are so many factors to consider. As a real estate agent active on both new developments I have had an influx of questions for both buildings. Many are asking which one is better? Which one should I buy? But the real question isn't which one is better, the question is, which one suits you best. When my clients have to decide between two properties I have them create a pros and cons list. This helps sort their needs versus wants and helps prioritize what is important to them. After they spend the time on this list, they come to a decision quickly and they feel more confident about their final decision. Please take a look at this comparison chart to help you weigh your pros and cons. Do note that this chart consists of all estimates and proposed square footages, prices, features, amenities, finishes, appliances, specs, etc. and ALL are subject to change at any time. Please use this for a quick reference and comparison.

803 vs A'a'li'i Chart
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