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Top 10 Tips to Biki in Honolulu

Are you a first timer to Biki? If you don't have a clue what Biki is then the answer is "Yes!". Well Biki...aka...Bikeshare Hawaii is a new bike program in Honolulu (Click to view Bikeshare Hawaii Blog). There are 1000 bikes at 100 docking stations from Chinatown, Kakaako, Ala Moana & Waikiki. Smart Living Hawaii decided to try it out and here are some of our novice tips. FYI, we aren't avid cyclists, we have done this for a fun activity on a hot summer Saturday and tried our best to follow the city and county bike laws and suggestions.

  1. Go to to sign up for a membership ahead of time to save time. You can use your membership right away without needing a card they will later send you in the mail. This site is very helpful and easy to learn how to do everything Biki. There are a few classes coming up that you can checkout as well: July 25th or July 29th or July 31st.

  2. What plan do I get? If you register for a monthly plan like we did ($15/mo for unlimited 30min rides) you can use Biki for 30 days at your leisure! If this is a one time deal or maybe something you will try another unknown date a month or more later then just grab the $20 Free Spirit pass for 300 mins.

  3. Get the app on your phone: iPhone or Android . It's where you will check all the docking stations and their availability, along with receiving your 5 digit code to punch into the Biki dock to unlock your bike. Also, there is a cool timer you can start for your 30min limits to return your bike on time and be reminded while you are on the road.

  4. Watch our short video and click here for the "How to Biki".

  5. Here are some basic laws and suggestions for safety, CLICK HERE.

  6. Pack light! Wear a comfortable backpack and don't forget a refillable water bottle, sunscreen, hand-sanitizer/wipes if you want to wipe down each bike and deodorant or a body spray 😁. Perhaps stash a small pair of local slippahs, hand towel & swimsuit if you're jumping in the ocean during this day adventure.

  7. What to wear: We suggest something you don't mind getting a little sweaty in but still can walk into stores and restaurants during your Biki day trip. Also a pair of light shoes, a hat (helmet is safest but we didn't wear one) and sunglasses.

  8. Before you head to your next location, check the Biki app to see which stations have empty slots to dock your current bike and/or which stations have available bikes for you to grab and go.

  9. Should a bike seem to not be working correctly, tire is flat, gears are clicking, etc. dock it at your nearest station and push the red wrench key button on the bike dock located above the #1,2,3 buttons to alert the system that something is wrong with the bike. They will attend to it shortly.

  10. On the Bike: To save time adjust the seat to your height before you checkout the bike. Ring the bell on the left handle bar to let pedestrians know you are coming up behind them. You have 3 gears on the right handle bar but most everywhere is pretty level so they are sufficient. Don't leave the bike anywhere but a docking station...$1200 for a lost bike!!

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