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Bikeshare Hawaii

Bikeshare Hawaii What a great addition to Honolulu! For most of us this will be a fun thing to do in town. I know it's been on my "To Do" list once they started installing the racks all over town. Now that I have actually tested it out here are a few tidbits from us to you... Go to to learn more. Pretty impressed with their setup & site and hope they keep these rates. First off, you can look at all the bike racks and see how many bikes are docked at each cool!

Second, there are three different plans you can purchase or just pay $3.50/single ride. I think most will try out the $20 for 300 minutes (5 hours) but for those daily riders you may find the $15/mo for shorter 30min rides or $25/mo for the longer commutes more advantageous. Perhaps the SMARTER way to go.

The stops are so close to each other that switching bikes every 30mins is definitely doable if bikes are available at the docks and slots are open to dock a bike. In the next few months we will see how much Biki will be used and if we will have a surplus of bikes or a lack there of. As for now most will test them out for fun and tourists will definitely utilize this form of transportation. Once the craze simmers and the system has it's quirks worked out, the local demographic who live within the parameters of Biki may start to depend on this for their daily commutes. In hopes, fewer cars on the road! I think it's awesome, a SMART LIVING concept perfect for our community and easy to embrace! Only downside here is safety. Most avid riders will know how to ride in a city but dealing with those less familiar may not have bicycle helmets, know the laws in place or comfortably navigate through town safely or without causing more traffic in the process. Education is key and Biki will need to step up and provide these free educational services to everyone so we can all coexist with any type of transportation we choose. I think it's a win-win across the board and glad our city has supported this effort. We definitely need more SMARTER ways to commute and connect! Mad props to #BikeShareHawaii for their valor efforts and persistency in seeing this through. As your SMART LIVING experts we are proud of these monumental SMART steps forward for our city. For more information on living in this great city and utilizing these bicycles for your daily commute from home, give us a call today! Less cars = less traffic 👍

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