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'A'ALI'I...The New Wave

Affordable housing in Kaka'ako!?! "Get out of town!" No...stay in town and here's how. The new wave is here Howard Hughes has pushed out all their luxury product for this housing round and they are moving inland within their 60 acres of land and providing a product for us locals. Yes it will still be pricey in comparison to most cities across America but we live in paradise, on an island and with that comes a cost.

'A'ali'i is the newest release and it's a whopping 751 units! These units will be smaller than their previous releases and focus on studios, one bedrooms and two bedrooms. When I say smaller I mean tiny for Hawaii but definitely livable. Square footages are starting well under 300 square feet for a studio! Before you freak out and say "No Way!", not all units are this small and they have come up with an alternative way of living. This building is geared towards the buyers wanting to live in town and sacrificing square footage for a better price. But do note, it is still equipped with the many new and trending amenities that this developer is known for. Even though you will sacrifice the size of your own personal space within your unit, there will be much more communal space for all residents. To name just a few to draw you into this new concept...they have done away with the penthouses of a condo and replaced them with your fitness center, yoga studio and lounge areas. Everyone will now have amazing views to enjoy with amenities on Lanai 42. The lower amenity pool floor is decked out with adult and family friendly zones. Enjoy a dip in the adult pool or a splash in the kid's pool, you have your pick! There are also cabanas, BBQ areas and indoor/outdoor spaces you can reserve for small or large get-togethers.

This new way of living won't be for everyone but I believe it will be a fun and innovative lifestyle that people will learn to love. For more information on A'ali'i or any other new development popping up, check in with us, your SMART LIVING experts! We will get you the most up-to-date scoops on sales, features, affordability and more!

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