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Smart Home Technology is so prevalent in our lives today that one in three homes are pretty much a smart home. A smart home consists of a smart thermostat or security system and two other smart devices. To learn how your home can be more "smart" checkout some of the features below. If you have any questions about smart home technologies, reach out to us and we can be of further assistance. Perhaps learning some smart DIY tips, connecting with vendors that can assist in installation of smart devices/technologies, purchasing a home with these features or selling your home with these cool assets; our team and expertise are at your disposal!

Home Electronics
  • Smart Hubs

    • Alexa​

    • Google

  • Thermostats

    • Nest​

  • Security Systems

    • Cameras around home

    • Ring at the front door

    • Wink ​

    • Motion Sensors

  • Smoke Detectors & CO2 Detectors

  • Lighting

    • Light Bulbs​

    • Outlets

      • WeMo ​

    • Dimmers/Light Switches

    • Color Light Strips

  • Smart TVs

    • Entertainment​

    • Apple TV

    • Roku

    • TV Apps

  • Smart Speakers

  • Smart Appliances

    • Coffee Maker

    • Meat Thermometer

    • Smart Refrigerator

    • Dishwashers

    • Smart Stove

  • Outdoors

    • Irrigation Systems​

    • Solar Systems & Battery Storage

    • Outdoor Lights

    • Outdoor Motion Sensors

  • Pets

    • Furbo: Camera & Pet Treat Dispenser ​

    • High Tech Dog/Pet Doors

  • Aging Client/Family Members Home Independency & Safety 

    • Security & Monitoring: Cameras/Doorbell​

    • Smart Stove

    • Taking Medication

      • Pillo​

      • Medminder

    • Smart Watch

    • Smart Devices For Easier Lifestyle & Mobility

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